«Bakı-Praqa» beer factory, H.Aliyev street, Novkhani setllement, Absheron region, Azerbaijan

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The “Bakı-Praqa” LLC was founded in March of 2009. Due to a contract with Destila, one of the leading companies in Europe in the segment of beer mini factories, “Bakı-Praqa” LLC, since June of 2010, produces different kinds of beer on the Czech technology and recipes under the trade mark “Starapraga”. Attracting the attention of many beer lovers in a short period of time, the company has developed a basis for gaining success. According to the contract, the company imports all equipment and raw materials from Czech Republic and produces beer from high-quality malt of Pilsen, Caramel, Munich, and also from roasted malt.


One of the main factors of the high quality of the beer “Starapraga” is the use of the latest generation of equipment which has no analogues in the Caucasus and which is used by the leading companies of Europe.

Produced by the Czech beer recipes “Starapraga” is the result of the joint work of local experts and well-known Czech professionals. Beer “Starapraga” can be bought not only in Baku and surrounding areas, but also in Ganja and northern areas. The perspective plans of the company include increasing the production volume, development and production of new brands and strengthening its market position.


We produce the beer with the classical method used in Czech Republic. The receipt of our beer has been developed by brewer-technologists of “Pozenskiy Prazdroy” Czech beer factory. The factory uses equipments of “PALI” and “DESTILA” companies, as well as numbers of German companies. “DESTILA” company is one of the well-known manufacturers of equipments for mini-beer factories.